Imagine If… empowers people to find their route to a safe, social and successful life.

We deliver evidenced based programmes for young people and adults in a variety of settings creating learning that is flexible and adaptive to the needs of individuals and groups. We use place-based training and coaching supported by co-created resources to inspire and motivate progress.

Our experience health, psychology, education, community and business settings includes:

  • Designing national and international learning programmes
  • Delivering projects and services for young people in youth and education settings
  • Community and international development
  • Providing coaching and leadership development
  • Developing strategic organisational change, equality and diversity approaches
  • Connecting community networks to improve wellbeing and create positive change

Our learning model makes ‘the most of’ what is already there i.e. community, people, and relationships. Our Assets-based approach informs thinking, behaviour and feelings through valuing beliefs, trust and which creates a sense of belonging that allows both stretch and challenge.

Our creativity enables learning and development to happen in places and spaces that inspire whether that is in nature, in the café, on the sports field, through art, music and sound, photography or poetry.

Imagine If… takes you on a collaborative journey and our approach is always personalised to suit the needs of the individual, the team and the company. We strive to offer everyone we engage with the opportunity to be more productive and successful in every area of their life or career. We emphasise and celebrate the importance of the journey because valuing the process is as important as the outcomes. As are the people who make that journey – after all, people are worth it, wellbeing is invaluable, and sustainable investment makes the most sense.

Working Together

We approach every new project with collaboration firmly at the heart of what we offer. Our work is based on listening and creating learning dialogue, a co-operative activity to understand and plan for improvement. And a key part of that collaboration is sharing experience: by talking through personal and organisational experience we will deepen our understanding of our client’s needs and in turn they will discover links and new ideas that will inform our strategy and their outcomes.
Our Assets for Success framework ensures that our methods will suit all ages, stages and life circumstances and that any programme we create is developed alongside you. Some of the methods we might use include: skills development programmes, training, mentoring, coaching, storyboarding, resource creation - cards and video, on-line coaching and training, participatory facilitation methods, service development and strategic change management, skills audits, team challenges and experiential days.