Imagine If is working with EU partners to research and develop improved approaches to SEL in 8-12 year olds. The learning from this programme will empower schools to make informed choices about the support they offer to improve the wellbeing of their students.

Imagine If Partnership Ltd is the UK partner in a 3-year Erasmus+ project involving 6 countries; Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the UK.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and stimulate Executive Functioning and Social Emotional Learning in 8 -12year olds, by integrating evidence-based strategies in the classroom to empower pupils, teachers and parents.

The range of partners bring together a dynamic collaborative approach

  • VZW TOPunt Ghent (association of pupil guidance centres) Belgium
  • UNIVERSIDAD DE GRANADA, Psychology Department, Spain
  • Social Cooperative Enterprise of Cyclades, (training in communities) Greece
  • Skolutvecklarna Sverige AB, (enterprise teacher training/psychological support), Sweden
  • UNIVERSIDADE DE EVORA, Psychology Department, Portugal
  • Imagine If Partnership Ltd, social enterprise empowering whole community approach strengthening wellbeing capabilities, UK

Over the three-year project ending in 2022, we will be creating a cross national resource to enhance social and emotional learning in the classroom connecting with community wellbeing.

The REFLECT project aims are:

Short term

Promoting children’s (8-12 years) social, emotional and academic engagement and growth by offering evidence-based strategies to enhance SEL and EF

Long term

Decrease the risk of social exclusion and improve pupil’s academic performance by enhancing awareness of the importance of SEL and EF and empowering pupils and their context

There will be five key Intellectual Outputs from REFLECT:

  • IO1: Identify criteria that are essential for an evidence-based intervention (add link to document)
  • IO2: Make a compendium of essential evidence-based components on SEL and EF (add link to document)
  • IO3: Develop a cross-national course for teachers (and support system)
  • IO4: Create tools to evaluate the impact of intervention
  • IO5: Create an app with tips and tricks about SEL and EF for pupils, teachers, parents

Throughout the project we are seeking to work with additional partners from health, education and communities…

  • We are gathering input from a range of specialists who have interest and experience in this area.
  • We are working with schools to pilot the approach and will disseminate the learning widely.
  • We are collaborating with other partners, projects and programmes with clear synergies to connect and maximise the positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families in communities.

Imagine If has responsibility for leading on I03 – development and trialling of a cross-national course for teachers (and support system). Using our Assets for Success framework we are working with schools and our EU partners to develop and test a course which meets the criteria define in I01 and which is evidence-based as in I02.

The educational materials developed through this project will be made available through the Internet, free of charge and under open licenses

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved:
Lead Contact
Kevin Feaviour