Emotional wellbeing is fundamental to our lives
and being Safe, Social and Successful.

People in communities are skilled communicators with a role to play in supporting everyday wellbeing. It is through creating connections between each other, building trusting relationships and collective confidence that we empower people in everyday places to respond both to our own and others emotional health and wellbeing. Through ibelong …We Belong.

iBelong is just that - helping people to belong rather than left out and alone; to have access to those they can trust; supporting them to develop their coping strategies. iBelong involves building their support network to have the confidence, qualities and techniques to best respond.

Our approach is to build on what exists to create the sense of belonging which is so often gained by being part of a group or giving time to support others.

Our work includes:

  • ibelong wellbeing recipe cards for practitioners and parents to more confidently respond when giving support
  • Healthy Schools South West programme – staff development to work with young people to improve their wellbeing
  • Northamptonshire First for Wellbeing - an action plan to engage with communities and staff
  • Stub Hub Pre Apprenticeship - coaching young people who have experienced trauma to create a positive sense of identity
  • Rebuilding confidence with young people who have experienced serious illness
  • Designed and delivered youth counselling services

Imagine If… has worked internationally on wellbeing projects offering individual support, strategic planning and resource development. This has included research, organisation change and policy creation. Create a conversation with us to explore how we can work with you.