Imagine If has been bringing diverse groups in communities across East Devon together, coaching and facilitating psychologically informed training to inspire and motivate people to act, to develop what they already did with kindness and compassion.

I Belong - Across 5 Towns in East Devon from Imagine If on Vimeo.

Funded by the Devon Sustainability Transformation Partnership, our approach to wellbeing everyday, part of the social, economic and cultural fabric of a place, fuelled by an open and growth mindset, is underpinned by our Assets for Success framework – 12 core qualities for life.

The communities involved: Sidmouth, Seaton, Ottery St Mary and the Surrounding areas, Honiton and Axminster, are determining their own futures focusing on what is important to their place such as becoming a dementia friendly town or young people’s mental health friendly town.

Through co-creating resources and a local action plan to take forward their ideas and realise their ambitions.

Connecting people and their strengths, building on & growing them, motivating each other to use their existing points of contact to be able to quickly and immediately respond better, to provide a release valve and be alongside people when and where they need it – communities are realising their own wellbeing power.

Unlocking the potential in communities is contributing to reducing isolation, enabling people to cope better and to feel more secure to seek support when then need it. Enabling everyday wellbeing conversations, building trusting relationships and reducing anxieties and worries without the need for GPs.