Imagine If is supporting the development of an innovative approach to social prescribing and community development in Cornwall. Connecting people to their communities to reduce isolation, improve well-being and build thriving resilient communities.

Through ibelong …we belong

Our ibelong community model of social prescribing encourages and improves wellbeing through increasing and widening community responses.

Working together with gp surgeries, Chacewater and Devoran schools and Truro Council we are upskilling members of the community. We are equipping people with the skills to cope and share support to reduce pressure on primary care and A&E services.

Community Connect Cornwall offers

  • one to one support for those referred from GP surgeries
  • responses managing the impact of COVID 19 on individuals and communities
  • partnerships with local groups offering support around loss and grief
  • Dementia friendly approaches for towns and communities
  • social and emotional learning and employability programmes for schools
  • Pain Café - a new approach to pain management focused on skills not pills

We are also working innovatively, funded by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Councils using sound as part of Suicide Prevention in communities. Cornwall has higher suicide rates than the national average. Collaborating with Justin Wiggan, a professional sound artist, the project focuses on reducing suicide and self-harm within local communities.

Using sound to help break up negative thought patterns of individuals at risk and empowering community confidence to respond through wellbeing conversations we bring people, organisations and communities together.

Our approach is intergenerational, blending conversations with familiar and leading-edge technology including near field communication (NCF) stickers providing integrated digital information in everyday spaces.