In partnership with Cranbrook Education Campus and St Martin’s CofE Primary School, Imagine If… have been working with the NHS England Healthy New Town Programme in the new town of Cranbrook, Devon. Our focus was to enable the children to understand wellbeing and how they can be proactive in developing it as well as helping parents, carers, and teachers understand how they view wellbeing.

Using our Assets framework we developed an Assets for Success for Wellbeing programme for children in years 5, 6 and 7. Working closely with the schools, connecting with existing mental health and wellbeing initiatives, we have been coaching students to be happy and healthy, and develop their sense of identity in their new town. Focusing support during the transition from primary to secondary school, the children felt more resilient to cope with change and better able to manage their own wellbeing as well as to support their peers.
Working with the inspirational headteachers and staff at both schools, the students developed their sense of self. Through coaching to notice that they have skills and qualities to draw on to develop their learning habits, to be social and to manage their relationships better, be able to share when they face difficulties, seek help when needed and support their friends.

The importance of safe spaces

Safe spaces were mentioned a lot to support wellbeing, places that made them feel comfortable, happy and calm, like the school fishtank and the outdoor ‘forest school area’ “The forest is calm and relaxing, amazing and natural – we can create food, it is a calm space that makes me forget my worries.”
We have co-created with young people from Cranbrook, a set of cards to help them to practise their skills and share them with their peers. Next steps will include putting their skills into practice through designing and creating a community wellbeing garden, using their ideas about safe spaces. Working with graphic facilitation we captured the language used by the students to help them to link it to their wellbeing assets.